Psychologists at Aulakh Psychological and Counselling Services

Sophie Godbout-Beaulieu, Ph.D.

Sophie received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Ottawa in 2016, after completing a Bachelor in Arts in Psychology at the Université de Moncton in 2009. She completed her pre-doctoral clinical internship at the Centre for Psychological Services and Research in Ottawa. She has since worked at the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre in Moncton in a pediatric diabetes clinic and a healthy lifestyle program, as well as at the IWK Health Centre in outpatient mental health as a clinical psychologist. She offers services in both English and French.

Sophie particularly enjoys working with children, adolescents, young adults (30 and under), and their families. The vast majority of her work experience has been devoted to this population. She has extensive experience in individual and group therapy, in consultation with other involved professionals in her clients’ care (health care providers, teachers, etc.), and in assessments (psychodiagnostic and cognitive assessments). Some of the values guiding Sophie’s work includes maintaining a profound and sincere respect for each individual and providing compassionate care through a safe, soothing, and authentic relationship.

Sophie’s gentle approach has been frequently highlighted as a helpful factor in making clients feel comfortable in her presence. Her service delivery is deeply rooted in evidence-based treatments, and, therefore, she strongly believes in the importance of continuous education. Her treatment approach is integrative, drawing primarily from cognitive behavioural, dialectical behavioural, motivational, and solution-focused therapy models.

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Kate Robertson, Ph.D.

Kate Robertson, Registered Clinical PsychologistDr. Kate Robertson received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Graduate Center at City University of New York. She has wide-ranging training and clinical experience working with children, youth, and adults who struggle with mild to severe mental health difficulties. She has worked in a variety of settings, including adolescent and adult inpatient units, community mental health services, and university counselling centers. Kate helps foster change with her clients who struggle with a variety of life’s stresses, including depression, anxiety, trauma, and relationship concerns. She has extensive experience working with children, adolescents and their families who may be struggling with family relationship ruptures and are seeking ways to find their path back to more positive ways of interacting.

Currently, she is working at the IWK Community Mental Health and Addictions Service, as well as, at the IWK child and adolescent mental health inpatient unit. Kate is a firm believer in the power of the therapeutic relationship and strives to create a safe, healthy, and authentic space for clients to begin their journey of psychological growth and change. Kate believes that effective therapy is a co-created process where she and the client work together as a team. Acknowledging and understanding that change can be difficult and hard work, she meets each client with warmth and empathy.

Her style combines approaches that work to increase an individual’s and family’s self-knowledge and insight (key components of the psychodynamic psychotherapy and attachment-based therapy) with practical techniques like coping strategies, skills building and goal-setting (CBT, DBT). Above all, she is adaptable to meet each client’s individual needs and engages with each person with curiosity and compassion.

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Erica Lundberg, B.A., M.A.

Erica Lundberg, Registered PsychologistErica works with children 12 years and older, adolescents, and adults, including those struggling with lifestyle issues, relationship concerns, transition issues, trauma/PTSD, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and gender and sexuality issues. She assists individuals experiencing difficulties with issues such as self-esteem, perfectionism, academic stress, and workplace stress and burnout. She welcomes individuals with differing lifestyles, cultural and religious backgrounds, diverse family structures and relationship styles. She has a particular interest in working with members of the LGBTQ2AI+ community, and she has specialized training in completing readiness assessments for gender affirming hormone treatment and surgeries according to the WPATH standards of care. Respecting and celebrating human diversity is central to Erica’s practice philosophy.

Erica regards the relationship between client and therapist as central to meaningful change, and she is genuine, warm, and flexible in her approach with her clients. Further, she is committed to providing evidence-based treatments that are tailored to meet the unique needs, values and lifestyle of each client. Erica uses an integrated approach, with the goal of providing treatment to support a client’s personal goals. She draws from multiple therapeutic frameworks including emotion-focused therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, client-centred therapy, mindfulness-based therapy, and solution-focused therapy. She sees the importance and value in collaborative care with other members of a client’s support team to best meet the client’s needs, when warranted.

Erica received her Bachelor of Arts with Honors Specialization in Psychology and her Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology from the University of Western Ontario. Across her professional career, Erica has worked in numerous different settings including healthcare-, community-, and education-based treatment settings.

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Leslie MacIntyre, Ph.D.

Dr. Leslie MacIntyre, Ph.D., Registered PsychologistDr. Leslie MacIntyre completed her undergraduate training in psychology at the University of Ottawa, and then went on to complete her MA/Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of New Brunswick. During her studies, Leslie developed a solid understanding of client’s personal struggles across their lifespan, as well as strong clinical assessment and treatment skills with children, adolescents and adults. She completed her pre-doctoral clinical internship at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax, where she focused her training in mental health.

Leslie currently works at the IWK Health Centre in outpatient mental health and she is working in private practice at Aulakh Psychology and Counselling Services Inc.

Leslie enjoys and has extensive experience in assessments, (diagnostic mental health assessments and cognitive/academic assessments), and in providing therapy in both individual and group formats. Leslie holds a strong belief in the importance of relationships across the lifespan. She works closely with children, adolescents and adults to foster connections with themselves and those close to them. She helps her clients with managing difficult issues, such as stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and adjustment to life transitions. She has experience supporting children who have ADHD, developmental or learning difficulties and children who are engaging in disruptive behaviours. Leslie also enjoys working with parents to foster strong attachment relationships and connection with their children.

Leslie is known for her warm, empathic and collaborative style. She uses evidence-based treatments to help her clients to cultivate their unique strengths and work through personal struggles. She draws primarily from cognitive-behavioural, acceptance and commitment, emotion-focused and motivational enhancement models of therapy.

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Shannon Johnson, Ph.D.

Shannon Johnson

Dr. Shannon Johnson is a Registered Psychologist specializing in neuropsychological, psychoeducational, and autism spectrum diagnostic assessments, as well as intervention for teens and adults. Dr. Johnson completed her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology & Neuropsychology at the University of Victoria, a clinical internship at the Medical University of South Carolina and a postdoctoral fellowship at Indiana University. She is an Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Dalhousie University. Her research examines the perceptual and cognitive abilities of individuals on the autism spectrum, as well as the health benefits of spending time in nature.

At Aulakh Psychological and Counseling Services, Dr. Johnson provides individual therapy for teens and adults with difficulties such as anxiety, depression, stress, attention problems, relationship problems, and behavior problems, as well as those seeking personal growth and lifestyle changes. As a clinician-scientist with over 15 years of clinical experience, she relies on research evidence to guide her practice. Dr. Johnson integrates a variety of approaches, including cognitive-behavioural, behavioural, mindfulness-based, and acceptance-based models, and tailors therapy to the goals and preferences of each person.

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Harpreet Aulakh

Photo of Harpreet Aulakh

Harpreet received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at the University of British Columbia and then continued her studies in the Doctoral Clinical Life-Span Development program at the University of Victoria.  This program, in addition to providing a solid foundation in clinical assessment and treatment, also provided her with a developmental lens of understanding people’s issues from childhood to the end of life.

Over the past 15 years, Harpreet has had extensive experience working in both private and public settings (e.g. in Halifax IWK, CDHA).  She has conducted assessments for children, adolescents and adults, with particular focus on diagnostic mental health assessments, parental capacity assessments, risk assessments, and cognitive/academic assessments.

With regards to treatment, Harpreet has provided psychological therapy and counselling services for adolescents, adults, couples, seniors and veterans, in both individual and group formats. She works closely with people dealing with difficult issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues, and adjustment to life transitions.  In addition, Harpreet has worked in forensic settings, and as such, she has extensive experience in working with individuals who have disruptive behaviors such as anger issues, ADHD, ODD and conduct issues.  She also has specialized training and experience in working the individuals who struggle with problem sexual behaviors and violent behaviors. With Harpreet’s extensive forensic expertise, she brings a deeper understanding to her work with individuals with disruptive behaviors or dealing with justice related issues. Harpreet has also worked closely with individuals from differing cultures communities, genders and sexual orientations.

In her down-to-earth style, Harpreet approaches clients in a holistic way. She looks for the unique talents and strengths that her clients possess when working on with them on their issues. She acknowledges that making change for all humans is difficult, and she is compassionate in her dealings with her clients. She practices from a theoretically integrative approach, and she draws primarily from cognitive-behavioral, narrative, solutions-focused, Rogerian (client-centred), Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), and multi-systemic therapy models. She is also a keen believer that on-going learning is important in professional practice. As such she continues to work on staying current on what is viewed to be most effective in helping her clients.

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