Telepsychology Services (also known as Teletherapy) includes therapeutic services that are delivered via secure video conferencing and phone sessions. It has the same purpose or intention as psychotherapy or psychological treatment sessions that are conducted face-to-face at the offices of Aulakh Psychological and Counselling Services Inc. Due to the nature of the technology used, teletherapy services may be experienced somewhat differently than face-to-face treatment sessions. Teletherapy involves arranging an appointment time between the client and the psychologist when both parties can interface from their computers via the internet or telephone. Our teletherapy services are provided using end-to-end encrypted video conferencing to ensure your privacy.

Technology Requirements: You will need either a phone, a computer, tablet or smartphone with internet access, microphone and webcam abilities.

You have the right to confidentiality with teletherapy under the same laws that protect your medical information for in-person psychotherapy. Any information disclosed during your therapy sessions are confidential. Confidentiality is only required to be broken by law in instances where you may be at risk of harming yourself or someone else, if there is a minor or elder at risk of harm, or if there is a court subpoena for your records. Records are stored in a secure locked cabinet as they are for traditional therapy services.

In addition to standard limitations of confidentiality, teletherapy services have unique considerations and limitations in terms of confidentiality. Please consider the following potential risks and rights:

  • You have the right to withdraw consent at any time. It will not affect your right to further treatment.
  • Any and all images in teletherapy are considered confidential and will not be stored or used in any way. No recordings of sessions are made unless there is expressed reason and consent to do so (i.e. for supervision or consultation purposes).
  • There is a risk that services could be interrupted due to poor internet connections or poor phone lines and other technical issues. Please provide feedback to your psychologist should you find the quality insufficient to your needs.
  • Confidentiality will be ensured on the psychologist’s end via a private room for the session. The client assumes responsibility for ensuring the privacy of the space that they receive therapy in. It is recommended that clients choose an environment for receiving services that are comfortable, free from distraction and potential disruption. Clients are welcome to attend their sessions at Aulakh Psychological and Counselling Services Inc. to assist with privacy if they prefer.
  • Therapeutic treatments of all kinds have been found to be effective in treating a wide range of mental health concerns, though there is no guarantee that all treatments will be effective. While you may benefit from teletherapy, this benefit cannot be assured.
  • Teletherapy is different from in-person therapy; if you or your psychologist believes that you would be better served by another form of psychotherapeutic services (such as in-person treatment), you can request this and your psychologist will take steps to support this outcome.
  • In a case of emergency, your psychologist will do their best to guide you through steps for a safety plan. Further, should it be warranted, your psychologist will work with you to develop a safety plan which will include helping you identify people in your community that can be contacted to support you. Emergency service supports than can be accessed include:
    • Mental Health Mobile Crisis Team (MHMCT): 902-429-8167 or 1-888-429-8167 (Toll Free)
    • Attend your nearest emergency department

    Acceptance of Teletherapy Terms

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