Telepsychology Services: Ways To Access Psychological Support From the Comfort of Your Home

Given the importance of continued services to our clients, we are providing telepsychology services. This means that if our clients can benefit from psychological services in the comfort of their own homes. They can choose to participate in telepsychology sessions in two ways:

  1. Telephone sessions
  2. Encrypted video conferencing

The option to use secure, encrypted video conferencing or the phone is completely yours. Please know that the video conferencing option may sound complicated, but it is very user friendly and straightforward and is used globally in a wide range of health care services to avoid disruptions to care.

These delivery modalities serve the same purpose or intention as psychotherapy or psychological treatment sessions that are conducted face-to-face in the our offices.

If you decide to use video conferencing, our Practice Administrator will be in touch with you before your appointment with the relevant paperwork to read and consent to before the appointment (i.e., instructions on how to use it and consent form).

For video conferencing, we are currently using a platform called Doxy.

How Doxy works is:

  1. You the Our Team web page (click here), you will find Doxy links for each psychologist
  2. Click on your psychologists Doxy link to go to their virtual waiting room
  3. Once you click on the link, you will remain in a virtual waiting room until your psychologist starts the session
  4. Then, you both will see and hear each other as long as your camera and microphones are on.

If you choose to use video conferencing, keep in mind that others in your own personal proximity may be able to hear the content of your session, so we recommend that you be in a private place or use headphones to protect your privacy.

Phone and video sessions serve the same purpose and intention as psychological treatment sessions that are conducted face-to-face in our offices.